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     49km WNW of BAIE DU MARIGOT, Guadeloupe

     271km N of SAN CIPRIAN, Spain

     54km NNW of ROSCOFF, France

    181km NW of ST GEORGE'S, Grenada

    14km S of BAYTOWN, United States

    35km NW of SANTA LUCIA, Cuba

    663km E of TWEED HEADS, Australia

    70km NE of AUCKLAND, New Zealand

    150km WSW of PUERTO MELINKA, Chile

    138km WSW of PRISONERS, United States

    165km S of AQUIN, Haiti

     50km SE of ADRA, Spain

    87km NNE of PAPEETE, French Polynesia

     314km WNW of ESSAOUIRA, Morocco

     285km NW of SANTA CRUZ DE LA PALMA, Spain

     82km ENE of CAIRNS, Australia

    94km SSE of PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea

    1km N of SYDNEY, Australia

    27km WNW of BAIE DU MARIGOT, Guadeloupe

  43km SSE of ADRA, Spain

    2km NE of AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

    193km NNW of MOHAMMEADIA, Morocco


    123km SSW of PRISONERS, United States

     55km ENE of PORT STEPHENS, Australia

    31km WSW of ENSENADA, Mexico

    57km NE of AUCKLAND, New Zealand

     79km SSW of CADIZ, Spain

     34km NNE of TAN-SHUI, Taiwan

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