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     5km ENE of TORQUAY, United Kingdom

     5km ENE of PORTLAND HARBOR, United Kingdom

    181km NW of ST GEORGE'S, Grenada

     2km S of SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom

     92km ENE of OCEAN CAY TERMINAL, Bahamas. The

     1km SW of PORT EVERGLADES, United States

     16km WNW of SERANGOON HARBOR, Singapore

     84km NNE of KIJANG, Indonesia

     129km SSE of PUERTO SAN BARTOLOME, Mexico

     85km NNE of KIJANG, Indonesia

     11km NW of LA PAZ, Mexico

     15km ENE of LIMASSOL, Cyprus

     53km WSW of SAN DIEGO, United States

     1km NNE of PATRAI, Greece

    1km WNW of PIRAIEVS, Greece

     2km WNW of PIRAIEVS, Greece

     45km NNW of TILIC, Philippines

     2km NW of CIVITAVECCHIA, Italy

  1km WSW of LISBOA, Portugal

     2km WNW of SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom

     5km NE of TORQUAY, United Kingdom

     71km WNW of ST PETER PORT, United Kingdom

     3km WSW of LOS ANGELES, United States

     9km NW of LA PAZ, Mexico

     66km NNE of KIJANG, Indonesia

    10km W of MANILA, Philippines

     11km ENE of LIMASSOL, Cyprus

    18km W of PULAU BUKUM, Singapore

    11km NNW of CAVITE, Philippines

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